About Me

Connor's 3D Printing is a trustworthy 3D Printing service started in 2018. It is run by myself, Connor Quinn. I am a highschool student with a few 3D Printers. I love science, technology, engineering and 3D Printing so I decided to try to make some money with my hobbies to support college and other projects. I've printed everything from chess sets to ComicCon swords to cosplay parts and miscellaneous tools. I mainly use my Ender 3 as it yields the highest quality prints. I hope to put any revenue from this business into a brokerage account and grow it to help pay for college.


The purpose of my business is simply 3D Printing. I can print almost whatever you want within the capabilities of the technology and the size of my printers. You can request a print directly, over text or email at the bottom of this page, and I will model and/or print the piece as soon as I can. You can also go to a website like or where you can find free 3D models and search for a specific object that you have in mind. If you find what you want on a site like that all I would need is the link to that page so I can download the model and print it for you.


If you are new to 3D Printing and you have some questions about the technology or you have your own printer but are having some trouble with it, I'm always here to help on the live chat on the bottom of your screen or on the Forum page. I also check my email frequently so feel free to reach out.​ I am pretty well versed in marlin and octoprint running on an arduino/ramps setup with a raspberry pi 3b respectively if you have any specific questions.



Currently I have dark blue, white, green, silver, light blue, and beige but if you want a different color I would be happy to order it for you (It would cost an extra $15) if you would be willing to wait an extra day or two for the filament to arrive. To the right are pictures of all four of my printers. Top right is my large format custom printer, top left is my New Matter Mod-T, bottom left is my Prusa I3 Clone, and bottom right is the my Creality Ender 3.

Woodstock, Connecticut

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